Course "On the Road to the Free Digital Society" is available in Moodle and IMS Common Cartridge formats now

If you are interested in launching your own instance of the Stallman's course "On the Road to the Free Digital Society", I have good news for you. I have published the course in Moodle Backup and IMS Common Cartridge formats.

The files are available in the "Download" section of the course website.

I will be happy to hear your feedback about the course!

Don't forget that we need your help in several areas:

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How to incorporate external utility scripts into Logstash Pipeline


Logstash is a great tool to process the logs and extract valuable data from them. There are many useful Logstash filter plugins which make it easy to process the raw log data. However, sometimes external utilities are required to process the data in a more complicated way than existing filter plugins can.

It's possible to code your own filter plugin in Ruby but what to do if you already have the filter implemented in some other programming language and want to reuse it in Logstash?

In this case it's easier to communicate with this external filter from Logstash. This article demonstrates the simplest way of incorporating external applications into the Logstash pipeline:

  1. Logstash launches external program and delivers the input data to it through command line arguments and stdin
  2. External program writes results to stdout in any format understood by Logstash filters (e.g., JSON)
  3. Logstash parses output of the external program and continues to handle it in the pipeline

It's needless to say that it is not the very best approach in terms of performance. E.g., if startup time of the external application is significant, you may consider to launch this application once (as a daemon/service) and communicate with it using ØMQ or other high-performance message queue.

Detailed explanation and usage example are stated below.

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Copyrighted monuments in Finland. Why Finnish works of art are not widely represented in Wikipedia

What are you talking about?

Monument to Tapio Rautavaara in Åggelby (Oulunkylä) It can be a huge surprise for most of Finns but a lot of statues and monuments installed in public places in Finland are copyrighted. Unfortunately this is not only a curious fact. It has serious affect on the rights to publish photos of these works of art.

I have recently faced this problem when I shot a photo of the beautiful Tapio Rautavaara's statue installed in Åggelby in the capital area and uploaded it to Wikimedia Commons (this repository hosts most of the images used in Wikipedia articles). My contribution was almost immediately marked for deletion. In fact, Wikimedia has a lot of deletion requests based on the same reason.

This was a surprise and pushed me to investigate the situation deeper. At the end, I managed to find a way to publish my photo in Finnish Wikipedia (but not in Wikimedia).

I hope my findings can be useful for others facing similar issues in Finland and other countries which lack "freedom of panorama". Besides all, it is a good illustration that even Europe is still on the way to a free digital society.

This article is written in English because it's content (as I believe) can be beneficial for the foreigners who visited Finland and want to contribute their photos to Wikipedia.

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Fixing annoying Android's 'insufficient storage available' issue

The root of all evil: ridiculously small amount of free space in '/data' partition

Android 'Apps' phone screenshot

I am happy CAT B15 user. So far it's the only phone in my possession which survived more than 1 year — it is rugged and therefore can cope with my lifestyle. But last months it became almost unusable because of 'insufficient storage available' message which came out all the time.

The reason is simple — system updates are installed to the '/data' partition which has only 1 GB and they take around half of available space. I googled and found a lot of ridiculous solutions like 'install app X and it will magically solve all your problems including this', 'put all apps to the SD and you will save additional 40M' etc.

These advices sounded like a meaningless loss of time and I decided to fix the real problem which is lack of space in '/data'. 1 GB is ridiculously low limit for modern device with a lot of apps and updates for Android components.

May be my way of fixing the problem can be helpful for other users of Caterpillar phones and other Android phones with similar issues.

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